Relax Your Aching Muscles

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Have you felt tense lately? Are you spending too many hours hunched over a computer screen? A massage can loosen you up and help you feel more at ease. Agora Day Spa is your go-to destination for relaxing massages. We offer a variety of different massages to fit your exact needs.

You can stop by for a:

  • Custom massages where you choose your own modalities
  • Express stress relief massage
  • Hot stone therapy massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Hot stone and deep tissue massage
  • Reflexology therapy massage
  • Teen massage
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Massage & Touch Therapies

Each massage includes an aromatherapy inhalation of your choice.

Custom Massage (Choose your Modalities)

60 minutes $175.00
90 minutes $225.00

Custom Couples Massage

60 minutes $350.00
90 minutes $450.00

Deep Tissue Massage

50 minutes $170.00
80 minutes $220.00

Reflexology Therapy

25 minutes $125.00
50 minutes $175.00

Pregnancy Massage

50 minutes $175.00
80 minutes $225.00

Teen Massage

50 MINUTES $160.00

Express Stress Relief Massage

25 minutes $125.00

Massage + CBD add on is available for $50 extra