Nourish Your Body and Your Mind

Give yourself the fit and firm figure you desire

With our body works, you'll be able to reduce stretch marks and give your whole body a boost. Agora Day Spa offers plenty of ways to firm up your skin, reduce signs of aging and smooth cellulite.

You can stop by for our:

  • Aromatherapy body polish
  • Self-heating sea foam cocoon
  • Sea tonic firming escape
  • Silhouette body treatment
  • Slim effect body treatment
Contact us today to find out more about the skin firming services we offer.

Body Works

Aromatherapy Body Polish

45 MINUTES $160.00

Self-Heating Sea Foam Cocoon

45 MINUTES $175.00

Sea Tonic Firming Escape

50 minutes $185.00

Slimming Silhouette Body Treatment

75 MINUTES $225.00